As everyone knows there are many performing musicians out of work. All theaters have been close and performances cancelled. The work as a musician is very special because its like you are in a dialog with your character and with the composition. I feel like I am filled with energy and inspiration , when I come to a unity during rehearsals with colleagues, conductor, orchestra and the director. At the time of the performance, this all brings a power of recognition and dialogue with the public. This interaction creates an energy from all sides.

At the moment we cannot give form to our work as a performer. 

I have often been asked to lift the veil on my professional experience, vocal technique and interpretation. Since I was intensively involved in performance practice, there has never been space for this.

Maybe it’s now the time to think about this practice.


Of course there are many young singers who have questions. Sometimes they would like to share their experience and ideas.

Personally, during my studies, which last a whole life, I work(ed) a lot with recordings of a rehearsal/performance , this is worth gold. Through a recording you can analyze yourself in terms of technique and interpretation. The recording becomes like a good teacher who holds up a mirror to you. With my years of experience it is often very interesting to work with vocal coaches or conductors, but for young singers who are not yet fully able to find problem solving within themselves, the help of an experienced singer is fundamental. 


In any case, I would be interested in helping you. Based on your questions.